Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August Fun

Well, the end of August is coming quickly and so I decided to put in a few pictures of what we have been doing this month. We finally got our sod and laid it a few weeks ago. Jackson and the neighborhood boys played in the dirt while we did the work! It is so nice to have it in and I am excited for when we can actually play in it. We also celebrated Gary, Dave, Dusty, and Missy's birthdays' this month (although I only have a picture of Gary's b-day at the park). Dusty returns home from his mission in October...crazy!
I cannot believe that the summer is coming to an end. Jackson and I are both sad to say that our beloved past time of Cherry Hill will be closing in a week and a half. I have no idea what I'm going to do when he wakes up every day and says, "wimming" which translates into swimming. I definitely need to get some photos of him "wimming" before it closes. I have even toyed with the idea of getting and indoor pool pass.
Dave celebrated his big 27th birthday on the 16th. He up and decided to go to Alaska with a buddy to do some serious fishing...even though he's not a serious fisherman!! He was scrambling at the last minute to find all the "gear" necessary for Alaskan fishing. He bought a fishing pole there, and sold it back before he came home. I guess maybe fishing isn't really his thing! He did return with a box full of salmon, so at least I got something out of his trip, and sorry but he is a guy and he didn't take any picturs. Not one! I told him I don't believe he really saw a black bear or bald eagles because he didn't take any pictures!
Anyway, things are good with the Burns family. We are looking forward to the cooler weather but winter is going to be a tough season to keep Jackson entertained. Oh yes, I was going to mention that Jack has been obsessed with tunnels lately. He loves to under then in the car. He always wants us to make tunnels with blankets and play in them. Lately he even sleeps under his tunnel in his crib. Crazy kid!
Here's the boys playing in the dirt while we laid the sod. Jack is in the striped shirt gettin' dirty.

Here's the back yard half-way finished.

Bryker and Jackson swinging in my parent's backyard. Yes, they weigh about the same!!!

Gary's birthday party at the park.

Summer and Prezley at the birthday party.
Jack Jack playing with is trucks in the dirt. The kid could stay outside all day and be happy.