Sunday, June 14, 2009

New York

There's the statue of libery in the background. I made Dave take this picture of me to prove that I really was on this trip with him!

Of course we had to see Wall Street.

I don't really find it that exciting, but it was a holiday so no one was there.

Here's the Ground Zero tribute museum. It was awesome!
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What a cutey! Gunther would pull him right over.

The church was located right in between buildings in the middle of the street.

This was the most extravagant McDonald's I've ever seen. It was right down by Times Square and I really wanted to go inside, but there was no time. I wonder if they served nicer food, like steak or something!

We went out to Coney Island and say the famous place of the hot dog eating contest. Ummm....yuck!
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the cruise and more

Alright, well here are a few pictures from our cruise and some other random ones that have been happening around our house lately. I am going to be posting them in sections because that's the fastest way from picasa, and they are in random order.

The beautiful flowers of spring have popped up and gone. Although, I'm not sure if this rain is every going to go away!

Here's Dave smiling for the camera.

Dave liked to order room service EVERY night that we were on our cruise. Cookies and milk were his favorite. Room service was available anytime of the day or night. It was pretty sweet.

When we arrived in New York, we stayed with some friends and their cute little Foxy was there to greet us. He liked taking Gunther on walks in Central Park.

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