Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a little bit of mexican fun and feb. bordeom

Greetings from the land of the Burns family. Here are some pictures from this past month. The first half is of a quick trip down to Cancun, Mexico. Dave and I left the kiddos in the hands of our highly trained parents and Tiff. And surprisingly so, they did AwEsoMe. In fact, we feel that we should leave them more often! Anyway, bienvenidos a Mexico......
We'll start out at the ocean. A little body surfing...a little beautiful water with white sand....a little topless ladies anyone! Whew, flaunt if you've got it I guess. Or don't!
Our one and only picture together. I know, you all want a sweet pair of glasses just like Dave's.

The beautiful ruins of Tulum. Therein lies the temple. Our tour guide was Limhi and his brother was Mosiah, and they know where Zion is....they'll take us next time we're in Mexico if anyone wants to tag along!

We played a little volleyball and tennis. Although I was dying to join in with the crazy locals playing soccer. I'm sure I would've only gotten my self-esteem shot to the ground. They were seriously soooo good.
Behold the coconut tree at it's finest. I LoVe palm trees. It means warm, humid, beautiful weather is nearby.
This creature, who I appropriatly named Lizard, was one of many who I encountered along the morning walking paths. They liked to worship the sun by pointing their whole bodies directly toward it. As I was slowly stepping backward one morning taking pictures I almost stepped on the dude. Not sure how that would've played out. Glad I didn't find out. And enter paradise.
The pool. It was lovely. I sat by it every day for a few hours (and somedays I sat more than a few hours). I read my book, I chatted with our travel friends, I listened to some Ipod tuners, and I slept. It was pretty much picturesque. Plus I ordered all the pina coladas I could hold down, with or without alcohol.
Here is where Dave spent his time when "laying out" to "get tan". Although not much of his time was spent by the pool. I often think he has ADD or ADHD because after about 10 minutes he's off to try wind surfing or join in the tequila volleyball party in the pool. I have to admit he does have quite the gift of making friends wherever we travel.
Here are some flowers. I know most of you have probably forgotten what they look like because of the dull deadness that we currently are experiencing here in the winter of Utah. But, there is hope, for flowers will come again....and trees and grass....and greeness....and best of all, warmth. Until then, you can come back to my blog and look at this flower all day is you want!
This is the end of our Mexican journey. I hope you enjoyed yourself (I know I did)!
P.S. Dave also scuba-dived in some Cenotes (caves) and we swam with dolphins. It was sweet. If I could put the video of it on here I would, but it's copyrighted and I could go to jail. Probably not though, because really, truly, anything goes in Mexico!
And now we enter the second half of our program-pictures of the boredom that goes on at our house in this last month of winter (hopefully). There have been a few warm days and we have taken FuLl advantage.
Here are the brothers. The hope is that they will be best friends, and somedays they are.
But somedays, Jack leaves Brigham in the dust. And somehow, Jack ends up crying. Strange.
Ahhhh.....the-shooting-of-the-water-gun-into-the-garge. I found this picture so sweet because Jack actually took Briggs hand and helped him shoot the gun. Believe me, that's not always how it works out. Notice Jack's desire to go again the grain and "not match". SEriously, that's what he tells me. "Mom, I'm not gonna match today."
Sweet mercy. Look at those hands. I know I'm the only one who thinks this is cute. But it is.
We've been doing a little driving around the garage.
We've done a little running in the slush/snow/rain. And a little puddle jumping, which is quite entertaining to watch.
Brigham likes to go downstairs and play "bak-et-ball" with Dave. The kid loves balls. He would play all day long.
Jack does some InTenSE colorig these days. He's really into monsters right now, and is starting to put great detail into his pictures.
And every once in a while he'll send one of these smiling grins my way. I love kid. It's amazing to see how much he has matured in just one year. Sometimes he even lets me tease him these days, which is a big step for him! Then again, somedays the tears come as fast as I can snap! These crazy boys continue to keep me running, in a good way.
That's all folks.