Sunday, March 2, 2008

Here we are in the month of March and I missed Feburary...where did it go?! A few of the eventful moments included a "business trip" to Scottsdale, Arizona where Jackson and I went on warm walks and swam in the heated pool while Dave met with his new boss and began training.
A big highlight for me in Feburary was going on a little girls weekend trip with my mom to visit my sister Missy in Chicago. We went to some fabulous museums and even got in to see the awesome play, "Wicked", on the front row for $25! We really lucked out. The only downside to the whole trip was being 8 months pregnant and trying to keep the swelling down from flying, but it was a much-needed and fantastic break from reality for a few days. Yes, it's true, Jackson did stay with his dad for four whole days and I am happy to report that they both survived. The night I got home Jack woke up at one in the morning and I went in to check on him. He looked at me and started saying, "Dad, came back from Cah-go" (his word for Chicago.) I think the poor kid was in some super shock!
We are looking forward to this wonderful month of March when things get warmer and the sun shines at least once a day. Although, today to make sure we still know it's not the summertime, it did snow AGAIN! Jack and I have started doing school and he is picking it up pretty well. Everyone always comments on how great he speaks for his age, and I sure wish I could take some credit for it, but I really think these little tykes come quite hard-wired. He is quite the little negotiator and always wants to play for, "just five more minutes, mom!" Where does he get that?! Hopefully we will get a few more "picture moments" this next month.
This picture cracks me up. I'm not sure if I've already posted it or not...Jack came out with his sunglasses (which are missing one lense) and pointed his toy gun at me, saying something like, "Stick them up!."
Here is Jack on Valentine's Day. My mom bought him some "real sunglasses" of which he had to wear all night before he went to bed and then the next day.
This is a new-found wonderment called the Fun Center, located in Layton, Utah where we can go and play for $5.00. We barrowed the scooter and he was getting really good by the end of the day.
This is the wonderful minivan we rented in Arizona. Everyday that we drove that baby, I was extremely thankful that we decided to go with the Honda, Pilot instead!
Here we are on the airplane. Jack did really well. It was a lot of fun to see his excitement. I am actually getting really excited about traveling more with the family as it grows.