Wednesday, September 3, 2008

As I was looking through my latest pictures from our most recent adventures I realized I just don't have much to show for our days of non-stop excitement! So, these will have to do for now.
I know you're probably thinking that he's just too pretty to be a boy. It was his idea I promise!
Yes, this is how he fell asleep the other night. He didn't want any other clothes on besides his motorcycle shorts. That can't be comfortable on his neck. Crazy kid.
And yes, this is how Briggers fell asleep the other day too. He is definitley a cat-napper. He fell asleep right in his chair with his little fingers in his mouth. He is 5 months now and getting his bottom teeth, poor chap.
We take many trips to Costco and Jack loves the samples of course...who wouldn't. I can practically just feed him his whole lunch there. It's great. Although I don't really understand how it all ends up down his shirt and all over this face.
Here's the crazy man in the front yard in his diaper. Potty training. Wow. That's just a whole other world that I don't want to understand quite yet! It makes me nervous jst thinking about it! Someday...hopefully.
Here's the happiest guy ever. Truly he is a fabulous baby, and I will brag about it because my other child pushes me to my limits each and every day.