Friday, November 27, 2009

Fall Family Photos

Here are our token fall family pictures. This year we had my talented sister Linsey take them in good ol' downtown Kaysville. I think she did a pretty sweet job, especially with what she had to work with!
This is probably my favorite because Brigham FiNalLy decided to smile (because I tickled him)!
This one also ranks up there with favorites.
My boy Brig. I love him.
I think they're actually holding hands. Cuteness.
What a little stud!
So photogenic.
hee hee

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alright, get ready for a picture overload! The month of October proved to be the busiest one this year so far. Thank goodness that both the primary program and the ward Halloween party are both overwith, as well as some big vinyl projects. Amazingly enough, the kids really did well with singing both loudly and reverently. I had my doubts on the Saturday practice before, but they proved me wrong. As for the Halloween's over, and now we are planning the Christmas party. Maybe after that, I will join the blogging world again. Here are A LOT of pictures to hold all you avid Burns fans over for another month OR so.

Jack, being his ruggedly handsome self on the floor. This is a rare moment when he will pose for a picture for me. Usually he tells me, "no" with great amounts of unwanted attitude.
We went on a hike up Mueller Park Canyon and Jack had to go potty. I know, I shouldn't post this, and I probably shouldn't have even taken a picture of it, but it was just too a good a moment to pass up. Boys will be boys anywhere and everywhere!
We saw losts of these beautiful leaves. Love the blue sky against the bright leaves.
I love the fall!
Brigham finds happiness in carrying his football around....EveRywHere. The kid has to sleep with the thing. It's quite ridiculous (and really cute)! I'm pretty sure he's saying, "hike" in this picture.
Wow, what a fantastic picture of our family on Halloween! Seriously. Seriously.
I was Super Girl. This was my costume. I wish I could wear it every day (just like my wedding dress). P.S. Dave took this picture, that's why my hand is cut off in mid-air.
Jack was a Ninja. This, sadly enough, is the best picture I have of his costume. I am thinking about having him dress up in it tomorrow and taking better ones.
Brigham of course opted to be a football player. Since he can't be without his beloved football, we agreed it would be the best costume for him this year. He is sporting both a "Y" and a "U" on his cheeks so as to be fair to both sides. I know, I know, it's a terrible picture too. Don't worry I'll get better ones tomorrow.
P.S. Dave was a "nerd" (too close to home) and an army guy. He chose to not be pictured.
PumKiN PaTcH
Here is Brigham and his girlyfriend Avery Rice. The liked riding in the wagon. I liked that Rachelle pulled them the whole time because I was taking pictures.
Jack decided to throw straw at me. Such a sweet, submissive little thing.
All The OthER StuFf
Jack and his friends have been jumping on the trampoline just about every warm day. Have I mentioned that I love that it's not snowing yet.
Jack started riding his bike without training wheels at the beginnning of this summer. He goes really fast, and makes me nervous.
At least he's got a sweet helmet that Dave continuously makes fun of.
Brigham is really cute and makes me laugh. I wish we had a camcorder that would allow me to post a video of him running. I think he must run like Dave!
And that is our life for now.