Monday, February 2, 2009

The Month of January

Here is what we have been up to in the month of freezing January. Honestly, January usually seems to drag on forever, but this year it seems like it flew right by. Maybe it's because the sun has actually come out once or twice!

We (more like I) have been trying to take sweet pictures for this photography class I am taking Thursday nights. There is a whole lot more to taking pictures than I ever thought or knew!
We have been playing with dad on Saturdays. Seriously, Jack asks me every day if it's Saturday so he can play with his dad all day long. What an awesome daddy. His boys love him, even Briggs gets all excited and flaps and flails his arms and legs when he comes home lately. I must be one boring mommy!
We (yeah right, we all know it's me!) get to wake up in the night to this smiley guy (he truly does not like to sleep when his teeth are coming in, but he sure is a happy boy).
Jack and I had a little photo shoot last week with the new camera, and he cooperated as long as I promised a treat at the end.
Here he is saying, "cheese." I know it's blurry, but I still thought it was a cute picture.
Then we tried a few jumping shots, and they look much better touched up by picasa (which I have recently discovered, and absolutely love!).
Briggs has been playing with blocks and whatever else Jack leaves behind. No, he still does not crawl, but is anyone complaining?!
We've been doing some wrestling. As you can tell Jack isn't very happy that Brigham is totally rocking him!
We've been playing soccer and riding scooters in the church gym with our neighborhood friends. Dave is on the "lock-up" committee and it definitely has it's perks.
This is my slave labor that shovels the drive-way for free, and thinks it's fun.
I painted Briggers room and Jack enjoys pretending his crib is a pirate ship. He throws everything out and then proceeds to "kill all the bad guys" with his foam sword.
January was also our month to have "joy school" at our house. So each week 5 kiddos came over for an hour and a half and learned stuff. Although if you ask any of them I don't think they would remember anything except maybe the snack! It's been a good month of trying to entertain my kids amidst this nasty weather. Hopefully this next month will have a few warmer days to offer us.