Thursday, May 8, 2008

Well we haven't been up to too many exciting adventures at our home, seeing as all I do all day is change diapers and feed the babe. Now I could've taken a picture of either of those wonderful events for all our viewers, but I figured no one would ever look at our blog again if that was the case! Or if you did look at those pictures you might be a little bit of a crazy freak! Anyway, we are all glad that the sunshine has finally come out and that Jack can go have "parties" in the dirt and throw it everywhere including in his hair. Crazy child. Here are a few pictures of the boys.
I thought this was funny. I went in to check on Jack and he was completely out at 7:30 with his face all smashed on the pillow. Drool and all. Pretty classic.
Here's little Brigham in his dress that I make him wear at night for faster changing purposes. It's more so I only have to do the minimal...lazy me. Anyway, sorry about the angle. He's gaining weight like crazy.
Alright, here is Jack "getting ready" in our bathroom. He decided to get into "mommy's drawer" and put on my eye shadow. Little stink. I couldn't resist taking a picture just to blackmail someday. I've tried to explain the whole make-up thing is for girls and shaving thing is for boys, but he doesn't care, and that really bugs Dave!!!