Sunday, October 19, 2008

And he stayed!

It is finally here, the day has finally come...Jack officially stayed in nursery by himself for the last hour of church! Some of you may laugh at me, saying, well our kid stays all two hours and doesn't even cry. Well I have news for you, maybe your next kid won't, and then I just might be the one laughing as you relentlessly try to reassure him/her that you will come back and get them, they will be okay, nursery is "fun."

As we have now been trying to get Jackson to stay by himself in nursery for about 16 months, which would be a lot of Sundays', it is one BIG HUGE breakthrough that he has now finally come to the conclusion that we will indeed come back to get him. I personally believe that it was the giantic bag of gummy bears that has recently swayed him to the side of independence from his parents. Blessed gummy bears! I will forever be in your debt!

So, to anyone out there who is wondering if their child will ever stay anywhere anytime without is a bit of hope. They do get bigger, and they do become somewhat more logical, and they do stay without you (without crying)!

On a side note, Jack is officially potty trained and has taken up becoming a pirate. He literally jumps on the couch and fights captain hook with his pirate sword every day! Silly boy. I wish I could explain the amounts of personality that ooze from him!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Don't those people who only update their blogs once a month just annoy you! I mean you go to stalk people's blogs and they haven't updated in forever, and you're like, "why don't you update your dumb blog people!" Well, here is my once a month update!!!

We are doing well. Brigham is 6 months old today and can I just say I love him! Oh, how I love him. He isn't the greatest sleeper or napper, but he is such a happy baby. He takes a bottle fine and smiles at just about anyone. He's quite the polar opposite of Jack who would have nothing to do with a bottle (went straight from me to a sippy cup) and hides behind me when someone smiles at him! Here are a few updates and hightlights of this past month.

We go on walks just about every day. Here are the boys, with Jack actually looking at the camera smiling.
We recently went to the Hogle Zoo with our cousins. This is cousin Ethan and Jack on a rhino.
Here's another cheeser from Jack and a dazed-I'm-about-to-go-to-sleep-look from Briggs.
This is just cute. Look at those eyes.
We went up to our friend's cabin at Pineview Lake and Jack rode on the tube....Dave was on there with him, but somehow fell off, so Jack just kept holding on.
Jack took this picture of me from the backseat. Pretty good job if you ask me.
Here are the kiddos at a little church carnival bouncy house. Hallie, Prez, and Jack.
Jack went on his first pony ride at the carnival, and surprisingly really enjoyed it.
We have also gone to the Kangaroo Zoo in North Salt Lake. Love it, and totally recommend it.
He finally conquered his fear of this dragon slide and made it to the top and back down.
Here he is wrestling a sea monster.
Here are his beautiful baby blues poking out of one of the jumpy toys.
We went to the treehouse museum (can you tell Dave was in Mexico for a week, and I had to get us out of the house or we would go crazy!) and Jack would not look at the camera this day.

My cute boys. Yes, they are friends most of the time. Whenever I lay down Jack to change his diaper, he wants to hold Brigham's hand. Although he is just about potty trained now! Yea!
So, yes it's true, my husband did go to Mexico for 8 days...and no, it was not for business. I know, I am a wonderful, superb, excellant, etc. wife. But don't worry, I'll get him back somehow...someday!