Monday, July 28, 2008

Can We Go Somewhere Mom

Both of my boys are asleep at 4:00 in the afternoon and I really need to wake them up, but it is soooo quiet and peaceful and WONDERFUL! So, instead of taking a much-needed nap myself, I am going to post some pictures for all of your enjoyment!

Here are a few pictures of the exciting life Jackson leads (along with Brigham and me)! He tells me every day that "our house is bored," and asks me, "Can we go somewhere?" To which I replay, "Where do you want to go?" and he replies, "Somewhere." So, here are the "somewheres" we have gone in the past few weeks (with my sprained ankle and all).

Our good friends took us up to their parent's swimming pool for the afternoon and here is Jack in the little kid area. He is getting way too brave. He tells Dave not to catch him and gets mad if he tries too. The little daredevil still won't brave nursery though!

Here's a picture of Jack and the two neighbor boys his age. Someday they will all get along!

Here's cute Brigham at Lagoon-A-Beach. He's a funny little guy.

Here is the classic picture of the Fountains at the Gateway that everyone goes too. It's fun to see the kids get braver as they get older. Jack still won't go in the middle without me.

Here is Jack and his friend Bridger playing in the bark under the steps at the park because it is soooo hot outside.

This is the lovely face I get to see when I go in to get Brigham in the morning. He is such a happy baby, and I love him. I love him for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that he can't talk back yet and he doesn't know what tantrums are. We will survive the terrible twos right?!

Here is Jack in our back yard. This is our sweet homemade water slide. The pool was ten bucks off of and the pool was twelve dollars from Wal-mart. Cheap, yet practical! And it did entertain him for a whole hour.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh Man!

Here's a picture of both my ankles...notice the cankle on the left!

Here is my normal-looking right foot.
And here she is, the poor dear, finally fitting in my shoe but not wanting to walk anywhere.

A quick update as to why I am ridiculously slow in writing on this dear-to-my-heart blog! You see Tuesday night I decided to go play a little indoor soccer at 10:20pm because I thought it would be "fun". Well, you can only guess what happened to my poor left ankle...nope, not broken luckily, but definitely sprained a 2nd or 3rd degree sprain (whatever that means!). Here are a few pictures of the sad thing as of today...almost a week later. I can finally put my shoe back on. Dave says the bruising will be "cooler" in a couple more days, so I'll put some pictures of it on without the shoe then. Or maybe I just couldn't bear the pain of taking my shoe off once it was finally on!