Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Okay, well I do apologize to you few out there who check our blog from time to time and have found nothing new for almost two months now! I think I wait way too long and then I have way too many pictures, especially with the fun holidays around this time. We are all doing well, including baby boy #2 who is going to make his big appearance around April 10th! No, no names yet. Any ideas?

We have had a lot of fun over the past couple months. Jackson loves corn mazes! We went to the one at Thanksgiving Point with my sister, sister-in-law, and brother. Jack's favorite part was jumping in the big lion. We also went to a free corn maze right down the street with our neighbors and he loved the kid-sized part. The last corn maze we went too (yes we went to a total of three!) was down in Holladay for cousin Sophie's birthday party.

I think Halloween might be Jack's new favorite holiday. He always tells me he's driving to "Costco" to get a "treat," and so with a lot of free treats you can only imagine his joy. Dave dressed as Spiderman and I couldn't quite get the best picture of him (probably because he wouldn't let me!), and I was going to be a princess but couldn't fit into the costume (depressing, I know), so I was an M&M.

What else is going on....we've decided to finish the basement. Well, at least Dave decided and then the wood guy dropped off the wood and the framer came that day, and I guess we're going to finish our basement! I know, I know, sometimes when Dave gets working really hard with the medicare stuff around this time of year he forgets to communicate with his dear family. We are all very excited for him to be finished with this busy time.

I guess that's enough of a novel for now. I will truly try to post sooner because I have some really cute pictures of Jackson in the snow when the storm came last week. Stay tuned!

This is our cute neighbor Kaitlyn and Jack sitting on the hale bay at the corn maze.

Here are Jackson and cousin Gabe playing on the hay bales.

I love this picture! He actually posed for, or I took about two hundred pictures and finally got a good one!
Here is Jack and Dave getting ready to go out trick or treating. We didn't have a bag for him, so he used his easter basket. Maybe he should've been a bunny instead of a pumpkin!

Well, here is the great fun we have at our house! He decided to get all the tupperware and build a big tower. The kid really deserves some blocks don't you think!
Oh, this is a sad picture. I just couldn't get a good one of all the kids. Wow, they all look so unhappy. Maybe I shouldn't have posted this one!
This picture is to prove that Jackson and Bryker really were happy at one point in time!