Monday, March 26, 2007

The kid never stays inside!But he sure is cute!

Here are my X-Box champions!

Well welcome to our little blog spot. We have finally decided to join our fellow bloggers and get on the train that takes us out of the ancient times of phone calls (too bad because I liked phone calls!). The two pictures below basically represent what we do these days. The first one is what Jackson wants to do the first half of the day, and the second one shows what the little guy wants to do the second half of the day. I could leave him all day to play in the dirt and he wouldn't even know I was gone until he fell into the window well and couldn't get out! Anyway, our little family is doing well. We have moved into our new home in Kaysville and love it. That's all for now.


Eric and Camille said...

I can already tell that Jack is an X-box pro... like father like son I guess. ;)

Eric and Camille said...

Hey I just noticed the date on this post is from clear back in March! Did you really start this in March and just barely tell us about it?! Well, if you did, that's okay, at least it's started! I guess we can't expect too much to begin with. ;)

Eric and Camille said...

EJ here, hey Burns, if you keep sitting around playing X-Box, you're going to get gordo!