Friday, January 4, 2008

Well it has just about been a full month since I last posted some pictures, so here we are again. Everything is going well at the Burns household. Now that Jackson is back on a good schedule the EXTREME tantrums have slowed down, and we are all much more pleasant to be around. I never thought my child would throw the uncontrollable-don't know how to stop-everybody stare at me like I'm a terrible parent kind of a tantrum. I guess they are so-called "normal" at the terrible two stage, and I just couldn't bring myself to believe it. But, believe I do now!!!

Dave starts the training for his new job this next week. We are excited for the change and hope all goes as planned. Today we traded three cars in for one! Dave will be given a company car, and so we decided to sell the beloved Nissan, Altima as well as the Hyundai, Elantra and the Mercedes. We have both grown quite attached to our little cars and it was hard to turn them over for such low prices, but it had to be done.

I am ashamed to admit that because of the whole tantrum drama I failed to take many pictures of both Christmas and Jackson's birthday. Honestly, I think we came out with a total of 8, maybe 10 altogether. Sad, sad, sad. The big news of the week is that the doctor told me we had to be finished with Jack's binki because it was pushing his teeth forward, and so it "broke" the other day when I was putting him in the car (or I accidentially ripped the end off!). He was devastated and now takes a good hour to fall asleep without the thing. Sleep seems more of a necessity than straight teeth, but what can ya do! I guess doctors know best?!

Things continue to go well with this pregnancy...4 more months and then we'll have another little buddy to love. I've heard good things about 2nd children and hope they all turn out to be true for my little guy. Down below are a few of the very few pictures I took this season.

This is Jackson with his santa hat on. I believe this is when he had crupe and we were trying to make him drink gaterade to get some electrolytes in him (the blue juice on the side.).

This is his handsome GQ suit we bought at Mervyn's and then returned because it would only fit him for a month or so. He is a handsome little devil in it though.

I laugh every time with this one! He won't keep his gloves on so after about 5 minutes in the snow this is the face we get, complete with tears and "my hands, mom."

Dave and Jack in one of the big snow storms this year.

Dave is always so good to play with him. In fact, I think he would much rather play than shovel the driveway (that's a big surprise!).

This is our first fishing experience on one of the last warm days at Farmington Pond. We didn't catch anything, but at least my brother did.


Jason and Erin Webster said...

Hey! Cute pictures! Jack is getting big. I'm nervous about you comment on "terrible two tantrums". Eliza is already beginning to have a few. Not terrible yet, but it makes me scared for the future!! I'm like you where I always thought- "it won't happen to me!" Haha. I'm glad you guys sound like you are doing well. Let's try to get together soon.

Tiff said...

You have such a cute family.. I love the pic of his cold hands. What a funny face!

Good luck with the toddler stage, at least it has to end sometime, right?

Good to see what's up with you :)

Cody Bug said...

Cute pic of the cold hands. We need to send you a copy of when you were on TV!!

Erin said...

cute little jack jack. when i look at those pictures i have a hard time visualizing him having grand-mal tantrums. and he's officially 2 now! it seems like just yesterday we were playing scattergories the night before baby jackson was born.

Annie said...

Thanks again for having us over for breakfast...and to boot, on Jack-Jack's birthday. You two are great friends and we love to get together with you when we are in town.
Please excuse my tasteless husband for all his tricks he plays on Dave. He thought he was so funny with the "oh, I'm so sorry that my sons dented and scratched that black car in your garage" joke. Honestly, I think Burns just about had a heart attack when Drew told him that.
Burns, really needs to get even. Tell him to call me if he needs any ideas on how to get back.

Eric and Camille said...

We had a great time seeing you over Christmas. We can't wait until we live closer some day to be able to play with you guys all the time! I'm glad to hear that Jackson's tantrums have slowed down a little. And I'm dreading the day we have to take Chance's binkie away- I'm sure he will have a similar reaction to Jack.