Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh Man!

Here's a picture of both my ankles...notice the cankle on the left!

Here is my normal-looking right foot.
And here she is, the poor dear, finally fitting in my shoe but not wanting to walk anywhere.

A quick update as to why I am ridiculously slow in writing on this dear-to-my-heart blog! You see Tuesday night I decided to go play a little indoor soccer at 10:20pm because I thought it would be "fun". Well, you can only guess what happened to my poor left ankle...nope, not broken luckily, but definitely sprained a 2nd or 3rd degree sprain (whatever that means!). Here are a few pictures of the sad thing as of today...almost a week later. I can finally put my shoe back on. Dave says the bruising will be "cooler" in a couple more days, so I'll put some pictures of it on without the shoe then. Or maybe I just couldn't bear the pain of taking my shoe off once it was finally on!


Shana said...

This does not look pretty. I am most concerned that you still have two small children. Yikes, how did you manage? If I was you I would be parked on the couch for weeks!

Erin said...

good gravy jenni, that ain't pretty. that indoor soccer stuff will kill ya... i can hardly bare to watch it. speedy recovery!!

Becky said...

Oh so sorry! I hate that. I bet it's harder with kids. I was glad that I didn't have kids when I sprained mine.