Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, I've come to the conclusion that traveling with the kids is MORE work than vacation! We headed to Bear Lake for the Valentine's weekend and it was alright. Jack didn't have any other kids to play with, so we were forced to be the entertainment and that got kinda old. We did go sledding and rode the four wheelers, and the lake was beautiful.

Then, because we didn't think that was enough FUN for all of us, we decided to venture down to St. George for a weekend getaway. Dave had to do some work, so the boys and I swam and swung, and went on a lot of walks. Just for your information, 11 month old babies sleep way better in their cribs than in pack n' plays in the bathroom (with the fan on high). They also do not enjoy 5 hour car rides...AT ALL! Jack did surprisingly well in the car. I mentioned to Dave that we might want to go back to St. George at the end of March, and he said he's done with family vacations for a while. I have no idea why! I wish I could've gotten a picture of him squished between the two car seats on the ride home trying to get Brigham to go to sleep and playing with Jack while I sped us home! He is such a superstar dad, truly he is.
Jack didn't swing very much in St. George. He mostly wanted to play pirate ship on the playground and dig in the sand with a spoon.

I just thought this was so cute. Sometimes in the midst of craziness, Jack really does love his baby Brigham.

Cute daddy.

And yes, the boy is finally on the move. He's a crawling champ these days, and after 10 1/2 months I finally had to lower the crib. I am truly glad that this day took a little longer than anticipated. He is such a sweetie when he's not getting teeth.

The beautiful, arctic Bear Lake. I really wish I could put the pictures I touch-up on here, but I don't know how to do that yet. I really like all the blue in this picture anyway.

Jack and Dave rode on the four wheeler over and over again. They are both sticking out their tongues in this picture. Like father, like son I guess.

Here's a sweet picture of Jack. Looks so innocent, little do you know!

Here he is sword fighting the snow. That's right, sword fighting the snow. Hey, whatever keeps them busy!


Justin and Jamie said...

What cute pictures! I love your posts- you are just so funny!

Russ and Teryn said...

haha.. just today Claira was trying to beat the rain with a stick! haha.. I know what you mean about vacations being more work that pleasure and I only have one kid to deal with! But, this age they like to play make believe with you and there's only so long I can stay in pretend land before I go crazy! haha!! At least you got some great pictures out of the whole adventure.. I'm LOVING your camera ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Brigham is that big and we have never seen him. Thats crazy- it looks fun though.

Alicia said...

I know, I always joke that when I get home from a family vacation I need another vacation to recover from it! =)

And by the way, that blue lake picture does not need touching up - that is amazing! I thought you googled it off the internet! =)

Camille said...

What!? You guys don't want to plan another vacation out to Colorado!?