Sunday, June 14, 2009

the cruise and more

Alright, well here are a few pictures from our cruise and some other random ones that have been happening around our house lately. I am going to be posting them in sections because that's the fastest way from picasa, and they are in random order.

The beautiful flowers of spring have popped up and gone. Although, I'm not sure if this rain is every going to go away!

Here's Dave smiling for the camera.

Dave liked to order room service EVERY night that we were on our cruise. Cookies and milk were his favorite. Room service was available anytime of the day or night. It was pretty sweet.

When we arrived in New York, we stayed with some friends and their cute little Foxy was there to greet us. He liked taking Gunther on walks in Central Park.

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Erin said...

come again soon and stay for more than a day. :) thanks for posting the pictures of fhb. i'm stealing them.