Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well, here we are at the good ol' Burns family reunion that happens once a summer. This year the blessed event took place at Heber Valley Camp! Which by the way, is gigantic and beautiful. We stayed in cabins (16 bunks to a cabin), roasted marshmellows by the fire, canoed around the lake, played games, and went on hikes. Most of us slept extremely well from all the playing, except for Brigham and me. He decided he wanted to stay up and play at night EVERY hour.

Here is the infamous pair of cousins who couldn't get enough of each other. Jack and Gabe, they are little troublemakers, but you just can't deny them all the good times they have together.

Here is the Anderson family (most of them) canoeing around the little lake full of leeches and moss. Of course Dave tried to tip us over, even with Gabe, Jack, and Brigham riding with us. I decided he really is still a kid at heart. He is the one who started the water fight.

So, we did a little swinging from ropes. Doesn't Jack look excited?!

Here we have the youngest of the bunch who was able to climb up a tree, walk across a log in the air, and repel down to the bottom. Pretty brave if you ask me. I have TonS more pictures but it just takes me wAy too long to download them. So, that's the end for now!

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Becky said...

Sweet! We need to get them on our climbing wall!