Sunday, August 9, 2009

SuMmeR fUn

Yes we are alive, and yes we have been having a ridiculously fun summer. Here is the proof!
This is Brigham. He is one of the funniest kids I've ever met, and he's only 16 months. He teases Jack ALL the time, and of course Jack can't take it! My current favorite feature of his: his lips!
We attended one of the temple open houses, and here we are looking happy for the cookies at the end. Sadly, instead of Jack saying something adorable like, "I love this place, and want to stay here forever" he said (in the celestial room), "When can we get out of this place!" Shoot. Maybe someday he'll want to stay longer.
Yes, we do still love each other. I know, it's sickening!
Here is a picture with our friend Ralphie from New York.
This is my cousin's daughter, which makes her Brigham's 2nd cousin I think? Anyway, they had a good time together on the beach at Bear Lake.
And of course Bryker (Jack's cousin) and him had a GreAt time together. They love to play super heroes, and truly NeVeR stop! I couldn't even get both of them looking at the camera at the same time.
Briggs calls this is "bubble" and he loves to float around in it whether at Cherry Hill, Farmington Pool, or Bear Lake.
This is Dave, he's really white, but we love him anyway.
And here is the all star swimmer. The kid could swim forever, until he wants a treat. Funny story, he wouldn't pee in his swimsuit. He had to take it off everytime and then go in Bear Lake. Sorry to all of you non-pee-ers in the Lake type.


Russ and Teryn said...

glad to see you guys have been having a good summer ;) I crack up that Dave now shaves his head and has the best 'farmers tan' I've ever seen ;) Your family is so cute! Brigham and Jack are both so handsome.. great combo of their parents :)I'm not sure about August.. Russ is gone again right now (for just a couple of days) so, we'll see what the rest of August shapes out to be.. I'll keep you posted ;)

Becky said...

Wow! Brigham has really grown! Looks like a fun summer for you guys.

Alicia said...

How fun! Your kids are so darling, I can just see their cute personalities on their faces. And you and Dave are pretty cute, too. ;)

I remember having a hard time peeing in my swimsuit as a kid, too. How funny.

This is random, but I'm pretty sure your cousin's daughter is your child's 1st cousin, once removed. I think you are actually second cousins with your cousin's daughter... I know... why the heck am I writing this on a comment to your blog? I don't know. =)