Friday, November 27, 2009

Fall Family Photos

Here are our token fall family pictures. This year we had my talented sister Linsey take them in good ol' downtown Kaysville. I think she did a pretty sweet job, especially with what she had to work with!
This is probably my favorite because Brigham FiNalLy decided to smile (because I tickled him)!
This one also ranks up there with favorites.
My boy Brig. I love him.
I think they're actually holding hands. Cuteness.
What a little stud!
So photogenic.
hee hee


Teryn said...

Those turned out great Jenni! Love them! Your boys are major little cuties for sure!!

Jordana said...

Oh! Jen you guys have such a cute family!

Becky said...

I love the pictures. So cute!

Missy said...


Randy and Tiffany said...

These pictures turned out so cute, Jenni! Your boys are adorable! I am getting ready to send out our christmas cards soon...e mail me your guys' address when you get a chance so I can send you guys one:

Alicia said...

You look beautiful! I love the pictures. I also loved catching up on your life - it sounds like things have been hectic! I LOVED your Halloween costume, and pose, and the picture with the hand cut off. =) Too fun. Makes me miss ya!