Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I guess it's time for another fun-filled update on our family for all of you out there checking every day in anticipation of our next post! Here are a few pictures of the past month. Enjoy!

We took Jack to Lagoon for the first time, and yes he chose the pink boat!
The swing ride was his favorite, although I think Dave enjoyed it more! I feel Dave was deprived as a child and is now reliving his childhood through Jackson. I think he has taken him to Lagoon like five times already. What a spoiled little tyke!
Here he is in the spaceship. Warning: this ride goes much faster and higher than we anticipated!
Here's Jack and one of his favorite cousins (who he says he's gonna marry) Prezley playing in the chair at Grandma and Grandpa Hunt's home.
We had a little celebration for my birthday in May. I was so glad to have three kids spit all over my cake while helping me blow out the candles!
Jack still LOVES his stripey blanket and would not trade the thing for anything in the world!
Cute Brigham is getting chunky and smiling so cute. I love when they start to respond.
He is sooo cute and a great baby. I love when they are too little to talk back yet! We also blessed Brigham this past Sunday and I will put some pictures of it on soon.


Shana said...

Brigham is so so cute and sweet, and he had to chunk up fast to survive having an older brother!

Russ&Teryn said...

I bet Lagoon was so fun for Jack (and Dave) haha... I remember loving Lagoon as a kid! Looks like fun :)

Missy said...

FINALLY an update! Brigham has changed so much even since I just saw him in May. You better keep the pictures coming. Also, what about your new hair cut? HELLO. Pictures, please!

Becky said...

Awesome! Such cute kids.

Nick and Kirsten said...

jen, the pictures are so cute! jack is pretty brave to go on all those rides! brigham is getting so big - i love his smile!