Friday, June 13, 2008

Here are the pictures promised of Brigham's baby blessing on June 8. He was seriously an angel baby that day. He smiled through the whole blessing, then fell asleep, then woke up to smile for pictures. I love this kid!

Here he is kickin' back on the couch. Notice the rolls forming on his little legs...Jack still doesn't have any rolls anywhere on his whole body!
Cute baby boy. I just love his little blessing outfit with the bowtie and all.
Here's the fam...notice the new haircut. I went in and got 6 inches taken off....don't worry it always grows back. (This is for you Missy!)
I had to include a picture of the beautiful flowers my mom and I planted the day before the blessing. She was kind enough to help me pick them all out and plant them. They actually go all the way around the yard, but this shows a few of them. It's a good thing my mom knows everything there is to know about flowers or our yard would've looked terrible!
A picture with Grandma and Grandpa Meyer.
Jack did NOT want to take this picture. I tried to get him to pose with Brigham and the stubborn little thing would not have it!


Russ&Teryn said...

cute cute! I'm glad that Brigham is such a good baby!

Erin said...

little brigham looks a lot like his daddy! what a sweet beaner! you look great jenni!

Becky said...

Cute! I love the haircut Jenni! We'll have to have you down for burgers or something. Hopefully we'll have the climbing wall up and climbable.

Jason and Erin Webster said...

You guys are such a cute little family! We really should try to get together again sometime!

Bishop Fam said...

He is so cute! Thanks again for coming down and seeing us. It was a lot of fun! Madi keeps asking when her friend Jack is going to come play again.

Eric and Camille said...

That is a very cute little outfit- I love it. We're excited to see you guys soon and to meet little Brigham!