Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas and Birthday

This post is FULL of pictures, and I could've put on a ton more! Dave surpised me with a
Saa-weet camera and I just can't bring myself to stop taking pictures. It is becoming an obsession. Although I can't say that they are extremely professional or gorgeous or anything like that, but I do LOve my new camera!

Briggers sitting by the Christmas tree. I really liked the lighting with the tree on this one.
This is Jack with his cousin Gabe. Can you tell they are buddies?!
Cousin Bryker and Jack are striving to get along these days. The same toy is always wanted by both of them, as well as the same book or the same chair or the same sucker or the same Grandma! Sheesh, two and three year olds can really dish it out!
So I found these amazing bubbles that last forever at the Gymboree outlet, and Jack even caught one on his finger. They're pretty cool.
Brigham decided to catch one in his hair on on his nose. He is very talented.
I let Jack choose the color of frosting he wanted and put all the sprinkles on his birthday cake this year instead of making a pirate ship or some other sweet elaborate cake! He turned 3!
I had to throw this picture in because Dave and I got to go skiing with our good friends the Johnsons, and we had a wonderful time. It was 0 degrees and below (night skiing, what do you expect!), so we didn't get the camera out much up there, but this is a before picture. We like playing way too much!
Here would be Jack's favorite Christmas present from Santa, a bike. Now he can join the neighborhood bike gang across the street and try to keep up with his stellar training wheels.
Awww....cute. I'm pretty sure I showered that day, but I do have a really bad memory.
I'm not sure what happened to the coloring on this picture, but Brigs just looks SO dAnG cute! How can you resist that cheesy grin!
Here's Christmas morning. I really wanted to put a picture of Dave in here with his new toy, an Air Hogs helicopter, but I haven't been able to catch him in action yet. He took it downstairs and I think he secretly plays with it all day in his office instead of working!
This is Brigs latest pose. He sticks his lips up and makes this funny sound. Man I love that kid!


Russ and Teryn said...

Brigham looks like such a happy baby! I'm so jealous of your camera!! I want one too! Can you believe you have a 3 year old? Where does the time go?

Missy said...

Finally a new post! Bryker is on my lap right now and when he saw the picture of him and Jack with Grandma, he said, "Jack gave me that candy necklace. He's so nice to me." :)

Becky said...

So cute and great pictures! It's been a long time! We really need to get together sometime.

Alicia said...

What a fun post - and those are some fun surprises! Although, you shouldn't start out a post saying there are going to be surprises unless you are fully aware that many of us are thinking you are announcing you are pregnant! ;)

Ok, and that picture where you said something about not being sure if you showered that day is so cute. I was thinking about how much we moms beat ourselves up about not being able to "do it all" all the time, but then look at Jack and how much he obviously loves you and wants to be so close to you - he couldn't care less if you showered that day, or if you ever do, probably! Anyway, that was a cute picture.