Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So tonight at dinner Dave and I were trying to discuss leaving the kids next week for a little much-needed vacation run down south. Jack of course needed Dave's full attention at that exact moment so he started with a soft, "Dad."
Which turned into screaming right into his face, "Dad, Dad, Dad, DAD!" Dave finally turns to Jack and asks, "What?" Jack grins at him, holds up three fingers, and says, "I'm gonna be three."
That was all he had to importantly say. That's it. That is how our life goes. Jack demanding our attention and us holding back the laughter at his crazy responses.
And of course Brigham sat chuckling quietly in his high chair. He thinks Jack is hilarious!


Russ, Teryn, and Claira said...

hahaha... Claira yells at me to "stop talking" when Russ and I are involved in a conversation that she quite obviously feels left out of! What was life like before we had kids? Can you remember? haha

Bishop Fam said...

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Life has been crazy. I would love to get together with you. I will be up that way from the 25th-28th. We have stuff going on and off but would love to meet up with you sometime. Hope you are enjoying your holiday season!