Friday, April 10, 2009

March Madness

Here are a few of the exciting events going on around our house this past month.

A few of the spring flowers decided to pop up and show their lovely faces....and I must say that they smell delicious.
If they were part of Willy Wonka's candy factory I would totally eat them.
It was indeed Brigham's first birthday, and as you can tell, he enjoyed his ENTIRE cake along with his arm, hand, and fingers!
This kid totally cracks me up. He is so funny and such a little tease.
Highlights of Briggers first year here on earth:
*Happy and mellow baby
*Thinks everything is a game. When I tell him no, he turns back and smiles at me and goes after it even faster!
*Got his first tooth around five months and is currently working on his molars.
*Started crawling around 11 months
*Excellant eater
*Says the words, "dad, mama, ball, baba (bottle), and au-oh"
*Goes to just about anyone
*Loves to be around people
*Gives loves and hugs
*Survived his brother Jack!
We've been to the park when it was nice for a few days.
Jack rode his scooter to the park, even though I'm pretty sure his helmet is protecting him on that horse as well!
Brigham loves the sand. He picks it up and throws it in his hair.
One of Jack and his friends favorite games is to go under the stairs with flashlights and pretend they're in the bat cave. This particular night he decided to take the flashlight to bed and this is what we found.
We've had some fun bath time. Brigham is crazy in the bath tub! He crawls all over and splashes and dunks his head under the water. He is eating his current favorite bath toy in this picture.
The boys like to share the bath for the most part. Here Jack is helping Brigham wash his hair.
Dave gave the boys hair cuts. I always think hair cut day is so sad, but it turned out pretty cute I guess.
Here's Jack's muscle picture, or his painful face picture. This was right before Dave cut his hair.
And here he is hiding which is what he does most of the time these days when I try to take his picture. Aren't 3 year olds just a joy!!!


Erin said...

happy birthday brigham! you and fox need to play soon. i think you'd be buddies.

Russ and Teryn said...

Happy Birthday Brigham!! Wow.. 1 year already?! That means I haven't seen you guys in well over a year.. 2 years? You weren't even pregannt with Brigham last I saw you. Well, you're kids are adorable! I'm glad you had a great month :)

Becky said...

Wow! Brigham is one already! Holy Cow! What cute pictures!

Alicia said...

Ok, Wow. You have a TON of snow gear, I can't get over those pictures!

Also, how on EARTH did you remember it was my birthday? You are amazing.

Lastly, you have the most darling children! Seriously, that last picture of Jack is so, so adorable. My assessment from pictures is that Jack looks a little more like you and Brigham looks a little more like Dave. Am I right? Sometimes pictures are misleading...

Anyway, happy birthday Brigham! Isn't your birthday soon, too?

Ok, marathon comment!! =)

Missy said...

Bryker keeps making me go to your blog to see those FUNNY pictures of Brigham and Jack. He was laughing out loud at the birthday cake, flashlight and bath tub pictures!

Shana said...

Pretty soon you won't be able to call him Baby Brigham! He is already 1! Your kids are pretty adorable.

Randy and Tiffany said...

Hey Jenni! I just read your comment on our blog! I actually have already contacted Missy about our move to Chicago and she has been a HUGE help! My sister Summer gave me her e mail address and we have been in contact through e mail. We think we have found a good apt to move into near the school Randy will be going to, we are just waiting for all the paperwork to go through. So I will keep you guys updated. Thanks for the help! :)