Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Dave and I just returned home from a wonderful 7-day cruise, without kiddos of course! The cruise started in San Juan, Puerto Rico and ended in New York. Naturally we had to stay in New York a day or two to see the sights.

Yesterday, it being Memorial Day and all, we thought it very befitting to board the preferred mode of travel by New Yorkers, the subway, and head down to have a look at Ground Zero.

There is a little tribute building located to the south of all the construction, and it was quite impressive. There are two videos and tons of quotes from people who were in or affected by the attack on September 11th. I guess I just didn't realize the magnitude of all those events because as I read and watched all about it, as I heard firemans' voices on their radios, and looked at picture after picture of people who died because of those terrorists I felt a complete sense of overwhelment, and sickness. I literally had a pit in my stomache as I tried to imagine being a part of that situation.

How would I have reacted? What would I have done if I were on one of the planes? I know this may sound cliche, but I am truly GRATEFUL for all those firemen and volunteers who gave not only their service, but many of them gave their very lives to help others. So, this Memorial Day I wanted to honor them, and truly hope that we will not forget.

the end

p.s. pictures of the vacation to come


Russ and Teryn said...

yay.... YOU posted! Weren't the 4 of us supposed to go on a cruise?! Can't wait to see pictures of your fun time :) Russ and I didn't get to do anything like that before he left.. I'm thinking it is a "must" when he get's back!
As far as memorial day goes.. that's great that you got to experience visiting the aftermath of 9-11.. I'm sure it has deepened your perspective on the situation, I know it would mine!

Alicia said...

Congratulations on your cruise!! I totally believe that couples need some alone time from the kids! =)

So, I have to totally agree with you about Ground Zero - Christopher and I went there relatively frequently when we lived there and every time I left just completely overwhelmed - the tragedy, the triumph, the horror, the bond between humans... so much to think about. I appreciated your post about it a lot.

Hope all is well! I was just thinking about the summer we were all roommates the other day. FUN times! =)