Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday Bash

Jack's birthday was one crazy-exhausting event! I highly recommend only doing a friend party, or only doing a family party. Both in one day are a little overwhleming. We started the day off with Jack opening a few presents from mom, dad, and Brigham.

He told me at the end of the day that his favorite presents were the Bakugans Brigham gave him. I really don't see the joy found in playing with those little round things, but he and his friends sure enjoy them.
We then moved on to the friends pirate party, where there were swords, scooters, bikes, treasure, and a pinata. He invited a few neighborhood friends and his two favorite cousins. It was pretty crazy, and a lot of fun. I wish I could've gotten a picture of Dave playing all the games with the kids!

The rest of the pictures are out of order. Oops.
Here's Briggs on his scooter. He's starting to get the hang of riding on it instead of just pulling it around. It's pretty cute. He's pretty cute!
Here's Cousin Bryker having a good time riding around on his bike. Although, he would have nothing to do with going across the "plank" while Dave was the crocodile.
I was impressed to see that Jack still knew how to ride his bike so well after these few months of snow. He swerved right through the obstacle couse cones without a problem. He always sticks out his tongue and licks his bottom lip when he's concentrating on something.
Dusty and cute Mckenna. I wish I could've gotten a full body shot of Dusty on here to show off his spandex, I mean skinny, jeans. They're in-style you know!
My mom and Jack opening his new bat cave. He was really excited!
Laura, doing her model pose, and Grandma Linda.
Bryker giving Missy a wrestling hug?!
The parents. Always a good time.
Here is the best picture I got of the cake. I decided on a snow cake because Jack kept changing his mind, and finally told me to just do a suprise cake for him.
Here are the pirates. Yep, they're pretty scary!
And finally, a picture of Jack attack in his karate uniform. We decided to get him karate lessons for the month of January for his birthday. He hasn't gone yet. It'll be exciting to me if he actually decides to stay.
He told Dave that karate isn't going to be any fun because mom's and dad's can't stay. Will the kid ever want to be away from us?!


Justin and Jamie said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time! Bakugons (however you spell that!) are serious these days. I don't see what is so exciting with playing with a ball either, but the boys love them!

Alicia said...

What a brave/nice mom to do TWO parties! You are definitely a better woman than I am. =) And all in 1 day!
I also had no idea what the heck backugans were, and I googled them and I'm still at a loss, but I'm glad your kids like them! It made me feel like a lame mom! =)

Anyway, happy birthday to Jack!