Monday, August 8, 2011


Dear Blog Followers, I'm sorry we have been absent for most of this year. We have been busy, but now we are back.

I am going to deem this summer, the Summer of the Bugs. Last summer was definitely the summer of the bikes, but this one has turned out to include nothing but bugs (and swimming and other fun stuff, but mostly bugs).

Notice what is in the boy's hands...
I'll give you a hint....they are slimey, and sticky, and stinky, and gross! Jack found these beauties on the backyard fence. He proceeded to keep them in a plastic gatorade bottle until they stunk so bad when he opened the lid that he let them go. Honestly, I throw up a little bit in my mouth when I think about them.
Next, came the grasshoppers, butterflies, potato bugs, and dragonflys. Jack earned that bug catcher from doing jobs around the house (only a dollar at the dollar store), and it has held all of them at one time or another.
Brigham on the other hand would only hold rolly-pollys in the beginning, but has moved on to the sheer bravery of holding frogs.

And there he is. Many potato bugs have died along the way in our garage this summer.

This is Anndi. She likes to do whatever Jack does, which would include the catching of bugs. The girl even let him put a grasshopper on her head, if that's not love I don't know what is!

I believe this one's name was "Hoppy." He lived a short life in Jack's bug cage, but it was filled with lots of jumping and a couple of B. B.s put in there to play with.

I really have never been a big fan of bugs. I am a girl afterall, and being a girl I have never warmed to the feeling of something crawling on my hand or anywhere else for that matter. Bugs are gross. But, I'll be honest, this particular summer of my life, as a mommy of two crazy boys, I have been so ThankFul for bugs. They have saved my sanity!
p.s. pics of frog-holding coming soon

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