Monday, August 8, 2011

The Fourth

The Fourth of July!! I have come to really love this holiday because my kids are finally getting old enough to stay up late and enjoy the fireworks.

And here we are....not sure how our legs got cut off, but you can see lots of the black sky!
I LoVe this girl.

These are girls in my boy's lives....we have fiery Avery, who Brigham ALWAYS insists on holding hands with, and mischevious Anndi, who will literally do anything for Jack. I'm told that Avery and Brigham guard all the toys in nursery, while holding hands.

Seriously, I can't enough of her.

Brigham was VErY scared of the fireworks. He refused to hold a sparkler and ran away from me when I tried to give it to him! I couldn't get a clear shot of him saying, "wow" over and over again as the fireworks lit up the sky. I really enjoy that he's a little more conservative than Jack.

And there he is, dressed in his favorite oversized Disney shirt and "richard simmons" blue shorts. It has been his choice of attire for most of the summer. Good thing school's starting and I can finally make him dress "cute" again, at least as cute as boys can dress.

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wrightNOW said...

Your legs got cut off...because it was I who took the picture. Sorry...such a novice at your awesome camera. Your family is darling!!! And yes...Anndi will do about anything for jack!