Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So, I really did have this awesome plan to update this blog like once a week, but then I didn't! I will try for once a month.

Ah, the first snowfall is delightful as children. This one didn't even stick around for the rest of the day, but Brigham was SuPeR excited to get out and play in it. 
 Sadly enough, the only friend he could find who was brave enough to venture out in the cold was Miss Baylee. I tried pushing them on the sleds on the driveway. It didn't work out so good.

 This is Brigham in his sweet soccer shirt that he would choose to wear everyday if I let him. Oh how I love (and miss) his blondy hair.
 Jack wanted to carve his very own pumpkin this year. He picked it out, carried it to the wagon, and carved some of it!
 Brigham couldn't decide what he wanted to be this year. So he was a pirate for his preschool functions and a power ranger on the big day.
 These glow sticks have been an amazing hit at our house. I highly recommend having a wonderful grandma who will buy them for your kids for Halloween!. Hours of fun!
My favorite part of this picture is Dave...just standing there watching Jack struggle....with his hands in his pockets. No big deal. You can do it son!

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Us said...

Keep on posting. I love to see your cute family. I felt the same way about journaling my kids. We are so blessed!