Thursday, November 1, 2012


Here are a few of my favorites from the past month.

Brigham plays soccer. Well, he doesn't really play soccer, he more just trash talks to the other team and uses his sweet ninja/karate moves to intimate them from across the field. My favorite line recently....a kid from the other team to Brigham, "Well now we are winning." Brigham's response, "Well I don't care because we have a treat at the end."

Missy took Jack and Bryker to Corn Belly's Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Point for like 5 hours over UEA (thanks Missy, you rock!) and he came back looking like this. Scared the bajeebees out of Baylee. She kept burying her head in my shoulder, scared for her life!

Oh sweet Baylee. Truly, she is sweet. She is so sweet that I'm scared to have another child because she has been sooo good for sooo long! I love this picture taken at Bear Lake in the leaves with the blue sky behind her. I love her smile. I love her feet. I love her!

I took the kids on a hike. Jack didn't want to come, so we went without him while he was at school. I love the warm weather and the mountains. Something about hiking and being with my children brings me closer to God. We set the camera up on a rock and this is the best we got. Brigham wouldn't let go of my hand the whole hike and Baylee babbled away in my ear. A perfect hike!
Once again, I decided that to be any picture these days the best idea would be to set the camera up and then scramble over kids to get in the picture too! Jack has been on one lately and wouldn't have a "normal" smile, so he decided to clap instead (the 1st picture he jumped in front of the whole camera and you couldn't see any of us!). Brigham-Power Ranger, Baylee-Peacock, Jack-Indiana Jones, Dave-Cowboy, Me-Indian or Pocahontis if you wanna get technical.
Beautiful weather!
Lots of treats.
Early bedtime tonight for everyone!!

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Tiffany said...

I love that you're blogging again, Jenni! Now you need to blog about your marathon, and then come April, blog about the BOSTON marathon! Cuz I wanna see pics and hear all about it! :)