Sunday, November 30, 2008

So I decided it was finally family picture time since Briggs is almost 8 months old, and Jack was 8 months old when we had our last one taken! Here are a few of the best ones. My friend Amy did a fabulous job. Enjoy! Sweet baby boy!

I thought this one was cute. Jack's just doing his thing with his arm around Brigham. And Briggs is wondering why someone doesn't save him!
Love the mirror pictures.
I love all the leaves. Although, a week earlier they probably would've been more colorful.

Jack just loves his brother, a little too much sometimes.
Photoshop can work wonders!
This is my favorite. It was the last one we did and I think it turned out the best.


Russ, Teryn, and Claira said...

what an adorable family! I love those pictures! I honestly can't tell who your kids look like more.. they both look like a good mix of both of you I suppose! Russ will be in town this next week, so tell Dave to expect a call from him! Miss you guys!

Erin said...

burnsies! we love these pictures... we can't believe how big briggs is getting! what a handsome little feller!! truly, these shots are great... strapping young family. good work team burns.

Becky said...

Cute pictures! The boys are just so cute.

Larsen Family said...

Jenni, It was great to see you last night and I love the pictures of your family. They are beautiful! Give me a call sometime-we need to get together.

Jess Bezzant said...

Jenni-I'm so glad you found our blog so that I could get yours, I kept meaning to ask you if you have one! And I would LOVE to see what our old friends Cort, Victor, and Shane are up to. How funny. And your pictures turned out so cute by the way!

Heather said...

Love the pictures! You have a very beautiful family . .and I have to say that I think you have perfect teeth - I know that's an odd thing to say but I was noticing that on the christmas card you send . .by the way . .thank you for that. I'm adding you to my blog list.